AR# 2142


Hardware Debugger 6.0.1: .ll file not found


Keywords: Readback, Download, configuration, verify, Xchecker

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When opening Hardware Debugger the following message is given.

The logic allocation file (.ll file) for the specified design
was not found. Debugging options will be disabled.


This message is given when (1)the <design>.ll file is missing
or (2)the <design>.ll file has no probable points.

1) Missing .ll file
-Make sure that the <design>.ll file is in the same
directory as the <design>.bit file
-Alternatively, put the <design>.ll file in the XACT/DATA
directory and make sure that the XACT directory is included
in the XACT variable and the PATH variable.
-If a <design>.ll file does not exist create one by running
"makebits -l <design>.lca" on the latest revision .lca file

2) .ll file has no probable points

Typically simple test designs will contain no probable points.
The makebits program will generate probable points for FF
outputs. To verify that no probable points exist, glance though
the <design>.ll. If there are no lines that end with
"Net=<netname>" then there are no probable points in the design.
Putting FFs in the design will assure that there are some probable
points. Most non-test design have some probable points, so this
would not be an issue in more complex designs.

NOTE: If you are only dowloading the design, the .ll file is not

Probable Points:
XC4000 family: Flip Flop outputs, IOB outputs, CLB outputs,
Internal Ram points
XC5200 family: Flip Flop outputs, CLB outputs
AR# 2142
日期 11/10/2004
状态 Archive
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