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AR# 21421

7.1i ISE - New cores available with the first IP update for 7.1i show up as user documents when first generated using Project -> New Source...


Keywords: Manage Cores, Hierarchy, parser, .xco, GUI, customize, process, IP1_H

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In Project Navigator, select Projects -> New Source... and generate any of the new IP cores delivered with IP update 1 for 7.1i.
Instead of being added as a source in the hierarchy tree, the new ".xco" file is placed above the project device line, indicating that it is a user document. As such, selecting the ".xco" does not bring up typical process in the Processes for Source window that should be available for an IP Core (Manage Cores, Regenerate Core, View Functional Model).

Effected cores:
baseblox_utils_v8_0, blkmemdp_v6_2, blkmemsp_v6_2, c_accum_v8_0, c_addsub_v8_0, c_compare_v8_0, c_counter_binary_v8_0, c_gate_bit_v8_0, c_lut_v8_0, c_mux_bit_v8_0, c_mux_bus_v8_0, c_reg_fd_v8_0, c_shift_fd_v8_0, c_shift_ram_v8_0, c_twos_comp_v8_0, dist_mem_gen_v1_1, fifo_generator_v2_1

cmpy_v2_1, dvb_s2_fec_encoder_v1_0, floating_point_v1_0, tcc_encoder_3gpp_v2_0

aurora_v2_3, ethernet_statistics_v1_1, fibre_channel_v2_0, gfp_v1_3, gig_eth_mac_v6_0, gig_eth_pcs_pma_v6_0, pci32_v3_145, pci64_v3_145, pcix64_v5_095, pl4_v7_2, ten_gig_eth_mac_v6_0, tri_mode_eth_mac_v2_1, v4_emac_v2_1, xaui_v6_0


To correct this issue, select View -> Refresh. The ".xco file" is now placed in the correct location in the Sources in Project window and the processes associated with IP Cores will be available when the ".xco" file is selected.
AR# 21421
日期 12/13/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章