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AR# 21455

7.1i EDK SP1 Install - Installation Issues Under Japanese OS platforms (Windows XP, 2000)


Keywords: PC, software, update

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
An error occurs when installing EDK 7.1i Service Pack 1 in the Japanese OS environment (Win XP, Win 2000).

Error Message:

"Error: no program group folder for the current Xilinx installation was found"


This error will show up if "Create Backup before installing update" option is selected.

Currently, you cannot work around this issue to correctly configure backup executables. Please uncheck the "Create Backup before installation update" option and install service pack updates.

You might still be able to install service pack updates without unchecking this option. Simply clicking the "OK" button in the error window will resume the installation process.

If you leave this option selected, it will create ".backup" folder which might take out about 300 MB of your hard drive space. This ".backup" folder cannot be utilized by the uninstaller program under the Japanese OS environment, so it is highly recommended that you uncheck the backup option when installing the service pack update.
AR# 21455
日期 04/13/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章