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AR# 2153

FLOORPLANNER-XACT: Cannot see STARTUP, READBACK, of BSCAN symbols in my foorplanner.


Keywords: Floorplanner, STARTUP, READBACK, BSCAN, ppr, router.

Urgency: Low

General Description: In floorplanner, you will not be able to see some of the symbols you have placed in your design.

Also running PPR from Floorplanner may give you warning such as this:

"Warning: net ____ has no load ...."

Where the net is the input signal driving the pins of BSCAN, STARTUP or READBACK.


Symbols such as BSCAN, STARTUP and READBACK are special symbols that user can instantiate in the design to activate these features that are already available within the architecture.
These symbols are NOT physical components that user have control over in floorplanner.

Running Place and Route from Floorplanner will NOT connect signals to BSCAN, STARTUP or READBACK symbols and may trim out the logic related to these symbols. Place and Route from Floorplanner should be used ONLY to evaluate portions of the design. Therefore, you will need to run final ppr from outside of floorplanner.

AR# 2153
日期 05/24/1999
状态 Archive
Type ??????