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AR# 21587

7.1 EDK, License Core - My fully licensed processor IP core times out after 6-12 hours


I recently purchased licenses for several Xilinx processor IP cores. Before I installed them, I verified the full license files for the cores that were previously using evaluation licenses. After using the instructions provided via e-mail, I extracted the IP core license files to C:\.Xilinx\Coregen\CoreLicenses. The license status then changed to "Full - No source".

License files were then generated based on the Ethernet (Physical) address for all the other PCs. Despite following all the instructions, I find that the IP core still times out after 8 hours.


It is likely that the core either has not been re-synthesized with the Full License installed, and/or the system has not been re-generated with the re-synthesized core. As a general rule, you must re-generate your system after installing a core license.

Also, ensure that you have installed the latest Service Pack for EDK. For 6.3 EDK, install Service Pack 2.

Additionally, check the following items:

1. Ensure that your license file is installed in the proper directory: %HOMEDRIVE%\.Xilinx\Coregen\CoreLicenses (e.g., C:\.Xilinx\Coregen\CoreLicenses).

2. Open the XPS project, right-click the core, and select "View License Status". Be sure the status reported here is "Full - No Source".

3. In XPS, select Tools -> Clean -> All to clean out old implementation files. Then, re-generate the system by selecting Tools -> Update Bitstream.

AR# 21587
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章