AR# 21623

7.1EDK - XMD Options file does not contain the "isocmDcrStartAdr" parameter, which is required


Keywords: EDK, XPS, DCR, Baseaddr, XMD, IDCR_BASEADDR, Virtex-4, Virtex4, PPC, PowerPC

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When generating an XMD Options file from the Tools menu, the "isocmDcrStartAdr" attribute is not set.

This must be taken from the "C_IDCR_BASEADDR" parameter on the "ppc405_virtex4" Core. In Virtex-4 devices, all the internal DCR regs are offset from 1 single base address. In the case of ISOCM, the offset is 0 from the C_IDCR_BASEADDR.


The correct value can be specified by opening the "xmd_ppc405_0.opt" file found in the "<project_directory>\etc" directory.
AR# 21623
日期 04/16/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章