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AR# 21772

LogiCORE Reed Solomon Decoder v5.1 - BLK_END set after parity bytes output from decoder


Keywords: reed solomon, decoder, block, end, handshaking, parity, byte, boundary

Urgency: standard


The Reed Solomon Decoder v5.1 has BLK_STRT and BLK_END outputs. these outputs are used to indicate the block boundary in the DATA_OUT output.
The behavior is such that, per blobk :

- the decoder output through DATA_OUT the data bytes and then output the parity bytes.
- BLK_STRT is set upon first block data byte output from DATA_OUT.
- BLK_END is set upon last PARITY byte output from DATA_OUT.

The parity bytes are not relevant after the reed solomon decoding.

BLK_END should be set upon last DATA byte output from DATA_OUT.


A workaround is to start counting from BLK_STRT.

An enhacement CR has been filled
AR# 21772
日期 05/13/2009
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章