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AR# 21793

7.1i ISE - "ERROR:ProjectRepository - Unable to archive some parameters missing"


Keywords: open, revision, control, mapped drive, network, temp, clear case, perforce

When I attempt to open a project in 7.1i, the following error message is displayed:

"ERROR:ProjectRepository - Unable to archive some parameters missing"

This error occurs when I try to create a new project or when opening an existing project.


This problem has been observed when a project is created or exists on a network drive that is mapped to a subdirectory of another mapped drive.


J:= \\bigserver\home\testarea
K:= \\bigserver\home\testarea\projects

If a project is opened on the K: drive, the ProjectRepository error message is issued.

There are three possible ways to work around this problem:
- Use the base (J: in the example above) drive mapping.
- Use the complete network (UNC) path instead of the mapped drive.
- Use a local drive.

NOTE: This issue (and error message) has been caused by some revision control software tools (such as Clear Case, or Perforce) when it automatically maps an identical drive location to store backup files.

This issue has been fixed in the ISE 8.1i release.
AR# 21793
日期 12/13/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章