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AR# 21822

XtremeDSP Development Kit - Can I adjust the filter components of the ADC Analog front-end configuration?


Can I adjust the filter components of the ADC Analog front-end configuration?


Refer to the XtremeDSP Kit-IV Users Guide Issue 1 at: 



Section 4-2-4, page 24 states that the filter components at the ADC front end can be adjusted. The reference designators are identified in the adjustable filter components in Figure 14 on page 24. Table 3 on page 24 shows the possible filtering options and the related component values. Refer to the assembly drawing on page 27 for the location of these reference designators.The default settings (filter component values and coupling configuration) are shown on page 26,Table 7-8.The possible filtering options and the related component values are the same for the XtremeDSP Development Kit I/II/II-Pro/IV. 


The XtremeDSP Development Kit Users Guide is a bit misleading. The filters for the ADC are configurable in this chip, but they are NOT configurable on the XtremeDSP Development Kit. 

Modifying the board voids the warranty. 


At the beginning of section 4.2.4, the reason for the inclusion of the filter details and subsequent options of modules available is stated as follows: 


"Please note that the following information on specific builds for different front-end configurations is for reference only. Attempted repair or alteration of the goods as supplied by Nallatech immediately invalidates the warranty. Nallatech will not provide support upon alteration and cannot guarantee performance characteristics subsequently obtained." 


This comment is accompanied by a large red ALERT icon indicating that the text requires special attention. 


If you are interested in boards with the option to change these filter settings, Xilinx recommends contacting Nallatech (www.nallatech.com). They offer a number of different boards, and may have one to meet your needs.

AR# 21822
日期 05/19/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章