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AR# 21868

7.1i EDK - SDK "Error: cannot find file eabi.S"


Keywords: eabi, exit.c, print.o, debug, step

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When attempting to step into my code while running the SDK debugger, I receive many pop-up warnings similar to the following:

"Error: cannot find file exit.c"

However, if I use the step over button, I do not receive these errors.


Generally, the files that the SDK debugger cannot find are c startup files or other library files that you would not normally care to step into. For example, the xil_printf() function can be stepped into, if desired. If SDK cannot find the location of the underlying code for the xil_printf() function, it cannot bring up this code in the debugger to step into it. Therefore, it issues this error.

If you do not care to step into the particular file that SDK is complaining about, you can simply ignore the error and continue debugging the rest of the software code by stepping over that particular function call. Otherwise, the SDK debugger needs to know where the c files are located that it is complaining about. To tell SDK where these files are, you need to point to them in the project properties under the C/C++ build area. Add them to the Xilinx Library Path (-L).
AR# 21868
日期 04/16/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章