AR# 2193


M1 Map - Warning:baste:102 - Logic enclosed by Fmap symbol '..' has too many inputs


Keywords: Map, warning, coregen, core generator, multiplier
Urgency: Standard

Maps gives the following WARNING:
WARNING:baste:102 - Logic enclosed by fmap symbol
(output signal=U1/n1k)
has too many inputs. Up to 4 inputs are allowed.


Map checks the number of inputs for the FMAP symbols
before it performs logic trimming.

This means that a signal connected to GND or VCC or
a signal that will eventually get optimized away will
be counted as an extra connection on which Map will
report a warning.

This Warning can be safely ignored in this case since
the FMAP will be properly used after optimization.
AR# 2193
日期 03/27/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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