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AR# 22010

8.1i ISE - Known Issues for Project Navigator


Keywords: problems, ProjNav, PN, bugs, changes

This Answer Record lists the Known Issues for Project Navigator 8.1i. Each Known Issue includes a link to another Answer Record that contains additional information on the issue.


- Known issues related to spaces in the installation path or project/source path (Xilinx Answer 22250).
- Known issues related to using XPS projects in ISE (Xilinx Answer 22442).

- The Generate Power Data process is incorrectly available for Spartan3 Automotive devices (Xilinx Answer 22592).
- Project Navigator and other ISE GUI menus may have a black background on Windows XP if Fade Effect is used (Xilinx Answer 22280).
- Project Navigator is unable to create a new Testbench Waveform for a schematic source (Xilinx Answer 22711).
- Some Project Navigator processes do not released memory even after project is closed and reopened (Xilinx Answer 22886).
- Some Project Navigator project files (.ise) have become excessively large (Xilinx Answer 22959).
- Viewing a snapshot will fail after converting a project from ISE 7.1i to ISE 8.1i format if the project name was changed after the snapshot was taken (Xilinx Answer 22590).

Known Issues with ISE 8.1i Early Access release only
- "Analyze Design Using ChipScope" process is available in the Processes window even when ChipScope is not installed (Xilinx Answer 22248).
- Opening a UCF, TBW or CDC source file appears to hang Project Navigator (Xilinx Answer 22206).
- LeonardoSpectrum integration is missing from Project Navigator (Xilinx Answer 22251).
- If an 8.1i Early Access project was last opened, 8.1i Project Navigator hangs during startup if the open last project option is on (Xilinx Answer 22523).

Known Issues fixed in Service Pack 1
- Project Navigator ABEL Language flow for CPLDs is not fully implemented (Xilinx Answer 22219).
- Embedded Processor (XMP) sources and processes are not visible in Project Navigator (Xilinx Answer 21977).
- Only 12 cells are available for Port Name entry when creating a new HDL source using the Project Navigator New Source Wizard (Xilinx Answer 22207).
- Assign Package Pins process might not run if the UCF constraints file is the selected source (Xilinx Answer 22444).
- An HDL file created with New Source Wizard does not get added to the correct design view if no ports are added to the HDL file (Xilinx Answer 22443).
- Some of the Language Template Drag and Drop capabilities are not working (Xilinx Answer 22445).
- Copy Result to Working Project, for MPPR only copies pad files (Xilinx Answer 22522).
- Generate PROM, ACE or JTAG File process does not open iMPACT GUI if an IPF file is specified (Xilinx Answer 22573).
- Project Navigator does not show 3rd Party synthesis support for Automotive, Rad-Hard, and Military devices (Xilinx Answer 22572).
- Drag-and-drop files from Windows Explorer into Project Navigator does not open the files (Xilinx Answer 22555).
- Changing "Top level" may cause the wrong source file to be sent to implementation and simulation processes (Xilinx Answer 22556).
- Project Navigator process, TDO to ABEL converter, under Design Utilities is missing (Xilinx Answer 22557).
- A top level EDIF design fails to implement if the Module name and file name do not match (Xilinx Answer 22569).
- Opening a CDC file from the Library View fails (Xilinx Answer 22575).

Known Issues fixed in Service Pack 2
- User Document sources fail to appear in the Project Navigator "Source" view (Xilinx Answer 22838).
- An ISE 7.1i project with remote sources in a user library fails to migrate to ISE 8.1i (Xilinx Answer 22831).
- Project Navigator project file options are incorrectly available while a process is running (Xilinx Answer 22839).

Known Issues fixed in Service Pack 3
- No IP cores appear in the New Source Wizard - IP selection window when creating a new Project Navigator project (Xilinx Answer 23074).
- source files can not be found at relative source path locations if a project is moved (Xilinx Answer 23114).
- Pushing the Insert key on the keyboard displays the Add Existing Source dialog box (Xilinx Answer 23115).
- Clicking in an open area of the Language Templates window, below the selectable templates causes a Fatal Error (Xilinx Answer 23116.
- MAP process property, Map to Input Functions, has inconsistent range of values for Spartan3 netlist project (Xilinx Answer 23118).
- Capitalization discrepancies in HDL file cause Project Navigator to report "Process 'Synthesize' failed" (Xilinx Answer 22858).

AR# 22010
日期 03/04/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章