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AR# 22031

11.1 EDK - How do I run the EDK flow from the command line?


Keywords: XPS, makefile, make, Cygwin, shell

How do I run the EDK flow from the command line?


There are two ways to run the EDK flow from the command line:

Method 1

Use make; XPS relies on make. There is a make file created for each project: "system.make". You can run the make file using the following commands in a Cygwin shell:

make -f system.make [target]

In the above command, "target" is bits, netlist, etc.

Method 2

A more user-friendly way to run XPS is using the no-windows option. In a Cygwin shell, run "xps -nw system.xmp". Type "help" at the command prompt. You should now have command-line control of XPS.

For more information, refer to the XPS section in the "Embedded System Tools Reference Manual" accessible at:

AR# 22031
日期 04/25/2009
状态 Active
Type 综合文章