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AR# 2205

5.x PPR - Possible cause of ERROR 9929


Keywords: ppr global buffer tbuf 9929
Urgency: Standard

General Description:
You may get the following error:

*** PPR: ERROR 9929:
Clock pins not sourced by global buffers, and/or TBUF input pins
and/or T pins cannot be completely routed.
An LCA file will be generated to permit analysis of this problem.
Possible resolutions are discussed below by load pin type.


1. Check for clock pins and tbuf's as suggested in the error message. If everything is OK, turn ON xblox optimization.
If you are running the tool from DOS/UNIX prompt, use '-b' option with xmake.
(ex: xmake -p 5204pq100-6 -x -b design_name)

If running Design Manager(windows), do this:
Design -> Implement -> edit Template(Implementation) -> Optimization -> Merge Flip-Flops into I/Os.

AR# 2205
日期 03/22/2000
状态 Archive
Type ??????