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AR# 22060

7.1i EDK SP2 - mch_opb_sdram_v1_00_a, PlatGen generates a DRC error when the core is removed from MHS as an OPB slave attachment


MCH_OPB_SDRAM v1.00a - The usage of C_INCLUDEOPB_IPIF should be clarified. 


As per the data sheet, it should be OK to Not include the OPB slave interface by setting 'C_INCLUDEOPB_IPIF=0'. 


The system will not work when I remove the BUS_INTERFACE SOPB = d_opb_v20 parameter from MHS.


The BUS_INTERFACE SOPB = d_opb_v20 parameter needs to be kept in the MHS if you do not want to include OPB bus to this peripheral. The only thing you should do to remove the OPB interface is to set C_INCLUDE_OPB_IPIF= 0. This will eliminate the logic within the core that connects to the OPB. 


MCH is a new kind of modeling of IPs (a point-to-point connection). Thus, it was a requirement from tools that you "connect" the SOPB bus interface in MHS even when the C_INCLUDEOPB_IPIF parameter is set to 0.  


Currently the above parameter setting is not available with EDK 8.1sp2. Please use the following setting with mch_opb_sdram_v1_00_a for EDK 8.1.2. 





The schedule for the fix is not available at this time.

AR# 22060
日期 05/19/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章