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AR# 22174

7.1i EDK - XMD application error (crash) download using xmdstub over UART


Keywords: XMD, ELF, UARTLite, MicroBlaze, xmdstub

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In EDK 7.1, downloading an ELF using xmdstub with opb_uartlite causes XMD to crash. It is not possible to run ChipScope inserter with XMD, so if I want to use ChipScope inserter with MB, then I must use xmdstub.


A tactical patch has been released for this issue.

Windows Installation/Use
1. Rename these files:
xmd.exe, libJtagcomm10.dll, and libTclJtag10.dll
(located in the %XILINX_EDK%\bin\nt directory) to:
xmd_old.exe, libJtagcomm10_old.dll, and libTclJtag10_old.dll.

2. Extract the archive to the %XILINX_EDK% directory.

Linux Installation/Use:
1. Rename these files:
xmd, libJtagcomm10.so, and libTclJtag10.so
(located in the $XILINX_EDK/bin/lin directory) to:
xmd_old, libJtagcomm10_old.so, and libTclJtag10_old.so

2. Extract the archive to the $XILINX_EDK directory.
AR# 22174
日期 04/16/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章