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AR# 22456

9.1i EDK - Cygwin - "ERROR FROM TCL:- ll_temac_0 (ll_temac) - child process exited abnormally"


I followed the GSRD instructions to unzip the patch and the reference design. However, when I run PlatGen in the GSRD reference design (such as ml403_ll_temac), the following error message occurs:  



* ll_temac_0 : Generating FIFO LogiCOREs 



Param values are : INSTANCE ll_temac_0 HW_VER 1.00.c C_FAMILY virtex4 C_TX_FIFO_KBYTE 16 C_RX_FIFO_KBYTE 16 


ll_temac_0 : Running Core Generator to generate FIFOs. 

* This will take several minutes. . . 


ERROR:MDT - ERROR FROM TCL:- ll_temac_0 (ll_temac) - child process exited 


while executing 

"exec bash -c "coregen -b $filename >& logs"" 

(procedure "hw_ll_emac_common_v1_00_c::emac_generate" line 330) 

invoked from within 

"hw_ll_emac_common_v1_00_c::emac_generate $handle" 

(procedure "::hw_ll_temac_v1_00_c::temac_generate" line 15) 

invoked from within 

"::hw_ll_temac_v1_00_c::temac_generate 39350584"  

ERROR:MDT - platgen failed with errors! 

make: *** [implementation/proc_sys_reset_0_wrapper.ngc] Error 2 



When I type "which coregen" in the cygwin shell, it cannot determine the COREGen path. When I type "which coregen.exe" in the cygwin shell, it can determine the coregen.exe path.


Cygwin has problems distinguishing between directory and executable names. If there is one of each, it cannot find either.  


Check for a directory named "coregen" in the %XILINX%\bin\nt directory. Usually this "coregen" directory is generated by running COREGen standalone and a new project with the default project name (coregen). Try deleting the "coregen" directory in the %XILINX%\bin\nt directory to solve this problem.

AR# 22456
日期 05/19/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章