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AR# 22511

9.1i EDK - Can I perform run-time initialization of variables using PPC or MicroBlaze compilers?


I would like to be able to perform run-time initialization of particular data variables/sections following a processor reset. When I perform a manual reset of my processor, in the startup sequence before the main application is executed, I would like some way to extract initialization data from the data sections in order to perform reinitialization of this data into different locations in memory.


GNU does not define any mechanism for run-time initialization of data but does separate out the data into initialized and uninitialized sections. It leaves the job of populating the initialized data to a loader. XMD automatically supports reloading of initialized data on a processor reset. In field situations, Xilinx recommends the use of a bootloader, which entails creating some bootloader code to reload the particular sections required.

For the case where XMD is used, XMD automatically reloads (or initializes) relevant data sections when the processor is reset from the XMD console.

AR# 22511
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章