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AR# 22634

8.1i FPGA Editor - I cannot open FPGA Editor from within Timing Analyzer for cross probing


When I select "FPGA Editor for Crossprobing" from within Timing Analyzer, the FPGA Editor opens and an error similar to the following occurs: 


"ERROR:FPGAEditor:5 - Unable to read file "C:projecttestdemo.ncd". Check path name and file permissions." 


For example, if the correct path to the NCD is "C:\project\test\demo.ncd", then FPGA Editor will try to open "C:projecttestdemo.ncd". The slashes are missing, so the path is incorrect and FPGA Editor errors out.


To work around the problem, perform the following: 

1. Open Timing Analyzer. 

2. Create and Save a timing report. 

3. Open FPGA Editor. 

4. Open the design. 

5. Go to Tools -> Timing Report. 

6. Open the timing report that you previously saved. 


You will then be able to perform cross probing between Timing Analyzer and FPGA Editor.

AR# 22634
日期 05/19/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章