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AR# 22640

8.1i CORE Generator - "Solution Records for this Core" and "View Solution Records" give different results for the same IP Core


Keywords: link, core, IP, Answer, Solution, customize, known issues

With an IP Core selected in CORE Generator, you can select "View Solution Records" to bring up any published Answer Records pertaining to the selected IP Core. Additionally, once the IP Core customization GUI has been opened, you can select "Solution Records for this Core" under the Web Links tab to bring up any published Answer Records pertaining to the IP Core of the open customization GUI. However, in some cases, these two options bring up a different set of Answer records. Should not these selections bring up the same set of Answer Records?


Both links should be the same. However, the "Solution Records for this Core" link adds the additional term "LogiCore" to the search which narrows the search to fewer results.

With the Embedded Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC Wrapper v4.1 Core selected, the "View Solution Records" link opens as follows:
The browser will display Answers 1-10 of about 25 Answer Records.

However when you open the customization GUI for the core, there are tabs for different views, one being Web Links. The link to the "Solution Records for this Core" opens as follows:
The browser opens and displays only 5 Answer Records.

To work around this issue:

To display all the relevant solution records, run COREGen standalone and click the "View Solution Records" link in the Core Info panel, or remove "LogiCORE%20" from the open URL search.
AR# 22640
日期 03/04/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章