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AR# 22643

8.1i MAP - "ERROR:MapLib:541 - Internal signals in FMAP ... when using global optimization"


Keywords: -global_opt, PCI, core, FMAP

When running 8.1i MAP with the -global_opt switch on certain designs, the following error occurs:

"ERROR:MapLib:541 - Internal signals in FMAP symbol "opb_pci_1/opb_pci_1/pci_core/PCI_LC/MASTER/REQ/REQ1" (output signal=opb_pci_1/opb_pci_1/pci_core/PCI_LC/MASTER/REQ/Y) drives logic outside the MAP:


This error and similar errors occur when the global optimization switch (-global_opt) is used to implement certain designs that include Xilinx PCI cores. To work around this error, turn off global optimization in the GUI or remove the -global_opt switch from your command line.

NOTE: Although this error occurs with designs that contain PCI cores, it can potentially occur with any design that contains FMAP symbols. This issue was fixed in ISE version 10.1so that global optimization will not attempt to optimize logic associated with FMAP symbols.
AR# 22643
日期 05/05/2009
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章