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AR# 22818

8.1i ISE - ERROR:HDLParsers:3317 - "<file_name>.vhd" Line 13. Library synopsys cannot be found.


Keywords: XST, StateCAD,Synopsys , ERROR:HDLParsers:3317

Using XST to synthesise a VHDL design

ERROR:HDLParsers:3317 - "<file_name >" Line 13. Library synopsys cannot be found.


When using XST to synthesize a design, your VHDL should not contain the following and should be removed:

LIBRARY synopsys;
USE synopsys.attributes.all;

If the HDL file was created by the ISE State Diagram Editor, the language configuration settings may need to be changed. In order to change the configuration settings do the following
In StateCAD select Options -> Configuration. Then select Xilinx XST as Language Vendor.

The top of the generated VHDL file should look like this:

-- This VHDL code (for use with Xilinx XST) was generated using:
-- binary encoded state assignment with structured code format.
-- Minimization is disabled, implied else is enabled,
-- and outputs are manually optimized.

USE ieee.std_logic_1164.all;

AR# 22818
日期 07/18/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章