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AR# 22907

8.1i CORE Generator - "ERROR:sim:61 - Core <core name> does not support the selected Xilinx architecture family <device family>"


Keywords: device, architecture, family, size, customize, Project Navigator, Proj, Nav

When trying to customize an IP Core, using Project -> New source, the following message occurs:

"ERROR:sim:61 - Core <core name> does not support the selected Xilinx architecture family <device family>"

A Virtex-II Pro project is created in Project Navigator using the default device for the family, 2vp2. Next, the user selects Project -> New Source -> IP (COREGen and Architecture Wizard). Fibre Channel Core 2.1 is selected as the IP type. When the user clicks the Finish button to open the customization GUI, the following error message appears:

"ERROR:sim:61 - Core Fibre Channel Core does not support the selected Xilinx architecture family virtex2p."


This message will be issued when a core customization is attempted for a nonsupported device. This error message may be misleading because it states that the architecture family is not supported instead of just the specific device.

In the example above, the Fibre Channel Core 2.1 does not support Virtex-II Pro devices smaller than 2vp20.
In CORE Generator stand-alone mode, the core is grayed out, in this case making it obvious that it cannot be customized. In either case, you should read the data sheet for the specified core to verify if it is the family or the specific device that is not supported.

This message will be changed in the ISE 8.2i release to more correctly state that the selected device is not supported.

AR# 22907
日期 03/04/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章