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AR# 22974

8.1 AccelDSP Synthesis Tool - Can I access the data used to create the accel_probe plots?


Can I access the data used to create the accel_probe plots?


Yes. When you specify an accel_probe in your design function, it saves the data (up to the number of interactions you have requested or 1000 by default) to a .mat file. To see the data in the Workspace, load the .mat files that are generated after each Verify step. 


After running Verify -floatingpoint, the accel_probe_floating_data.mat file is written in the project directory. It can be loaded by going to the MATLAB console and typing the following: 


float_data = load('accel_probe_floating_data.mat') 


In this case, the data is part of a structure called float_data (you might need to refresh the Workspace to see it by right-clicking in the Workspace and selecting "Refresh"). The data field is a few clicks down from the top level. 


After running Verify -fixedpoint, the accel_probe_fixed_data.mat file is written into the FixedPointM or FixedPointC directory (formerly called the MATLAB directory). Load it again as follows: 


fixed_data = load('accel_probe_fixed_data.mat') 


You can convert the data into vectors using MATLAB commands as follows: 


before = floating_data.accel_probe_data.(probe_name).data; 

after = fixed_data.accel_probe_data.(probe_name).data;

AR# 22974
日期 05/20/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章