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AR# 22992

8.1i SimPrim, Timing Simulation - When I run a Post-Place and Route simulation on a DCM design for Virtex-4 with the Autocalibration_Block inserted, an error occurs.


Keywords: DCM, AUTO_CAL, AUTOCALIBRATION, Attribute Syntax Error, Precision RTL, NCSim, VCS

When I run a Post-Place and Route simulation on a DCM design for a Virtex-4 device with the Autocalibration_Block inserted, the following error occurs:

"# Attribute Syntax Error : The attribute DCM_AUTOCALIBRATION on X_DCM_ADV instance <instance_name>.uut.DCM_AUTOCALIBRATION_inst_dcm_DCM_ADV_INST.inst_dcm_DCM_ADV_INST is set to 1. Legal values for this attribute are TRUE or FALSE."

The error message style may change for different simulation tools.


This error occurs if PRECISION RTL is used as the synthesis tool. Precision incorrectly converts the "TRUE" to a "1", which causes the error.

The current way to work around this problem is to use a different synthesis tool.

Mentor Graphics is aware of this problem, and a fix is in process.
AR# 22992
日期 10/16/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章