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AR# 23132

8.1i EDK - Wrong instruction length for Spartan-3 4000 device in XMD


When I attempt to connect with XMD to a Spartan-3 4000, I receive a message that says the instruction length is incorrect.


There are two options to resolve this issue:

Option 1:

You can find a list of the devices and their ID values in the "$XILINX_EDK/data/xmd" directory in a file called "devicetable.1st". You should reset the value for the Spartan-3 4000 from 0x0140093 to 0x01448093.

Option 2:

In the XMD Debug Options, you can manually enter the JTAG chain by unchecking the Auto-Discover option and entering in the JTAG configuration chain information with the corrected value (0x01448093) for the Spartan-3 4000.

XMD Debug Options GUI
XMD Debug Options GUI

This is scheduled to be fixed in 8.2i.

AR# 23132
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章