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AR# 23156

8.1i ISE - Make Snapshot Current returns, "The following snapshot files were not restored due to errors: <schematic file>.schlog"


Keywords: Snap1, log, snapshot, Project, Navigator, replace, schematic

When I try to make a snapshot current from the snapshot tab, I receive the following message:

"The following snapshot files were not restored due to errors" <Open Schematic File>.schlog."


This error will occur if there is an open schematic file in the current project that has been edited in any way. When a schematic file is edited, the ".schlog" file is created to store any changes to support Undo/Redo functionality and to serve as a back-up in case of improper shutdown. Make Snapshot Current should close any open files before replacing the current project with the snapshot. However, in ISE 8.1i schematic files are not being closed.

To restore the schematic file as it was when the snapshot (e.g., snap1) was taken, simply close the schematic file without saving. If you chose to create a new snapshot(e.g. snap2) in the process of restoring the older one, this snapshot (snap2) will include the ".schlog" file which will allow you to retain any schematic changes when the schematic is next opened after snap2 is again made the current project.

This process will be fixed in ISE 9.1i to correctly close schematic files during the Make Snapshot Current process.

AR# 23156
日期 03/26/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章