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AR# 23169

8.1i CORE Generator - Cannot generate IP CORE after installing ISE 8.1i Service Pack 3


Keywords: customize, finish, hang, slow

After installing ISE 8.1i Service Pack 3, I cannot generate an IP core.

For some cores, such as the PCI 64 cores, launching the core customization GUI fails after it gets to ~40%.

Other cores appear to be generating but take a long time, or get to 98% and do not complete.


ISE 8.1i SP3 contains two CORE Generator ".jar" files that are out of sync with 8.1i IP Update 1.

If ISE 8.1i SP3 was installed or downloaded before March 29th, 2006, then 8.1i IP Update 1 must be reinstalled over 8.1i Service Pack 3 to successfully generate IP COREs.

To download 8.1i IP Update 1, go to:
AR# 23169
日期 03/04/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章