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AR# 23179

8.2i FPGA Editor - Error on BRAM Init file (ERROR:FPGAEditor:672 - Unable to update BRAM initialization data for design "my_design.ncd".)


Keywords: FPGA Editor, BRAM data, BMM, ELF, MEM, block RAM

I have tried to load my design NCD file into FPGA Editor, but it fails with the following error. What causes this?

ERROR:FPGAEditor:672 - Unable to update BRAM initialization data for design "my_design.ncd".

This is a problem that occurs with designs that were compiled with ".bmm" memory files. The NCD file has a path to the ".bmm" file stored, and this error will occur if that path becomes invalid, either because the ".bmm" file has been removed from that location, or because the directory path no longer exists.


This problem has been fixed for version 9.1i and is being considered for an 8.2i service pack fix.

Meanwhile, a way to work around this issue is to restore the ".bmm" file and path to their original state. If that path or file name is unknown, they can be determined by using XDL to convert the NCD to a text file and examining the path:

xdl -ncd2xdl design.ncd design.xdl

Look for the following line hear the top of the file (line # 17 in one case):


It is also possible to work around this problem by removing the path and placing the ".bmm" file in the same directory as the NCD file.

Edit the line as follows:


And then use XDL to convert back to an NCD:

xdl -xdl2ncd edited.xdl edited.ncd
AR# 23179
日期 06/29/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章