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AR# 23258

8.1i CORE Generator - Closing CORE Generator after using Memory Editor gives: Warning:encore:98 - A dialog is currently open


Keywords: Project, Project Navigator, Navigator, projnav, coreutil, cfg, memory, java, hang, respond, CORE, COREGen

When you follow the steps, a warning is given about an open dialog even though every dialog has been properly closed.

1. Open CORE Generator with the Project Navigator, Manage Cores process.
2. Select Tools -> Memory Editor to open the Memory Editor Application.
3. Select File -> Open Memory Definitions and open any existing "cfg" file.
Now when Memory Editor and CORE Generator are closed (even if the ".cfg" is not changed), there will be a warning messaged stating:

Warning: A dialog is currently open. Please close all dialogs before exiting the application. Continue Exiting? [Yes/No]

Select "No and CORE Generator remains open.
Select "Yes" and CORE Generator appears to close properly. However, CORE Generator processes such as Manage Cores, and Regenerate Core can no longer be run. Additionally, if you attempt to close Project Navigator, the entire application will stop responding.


This will only happen if an existing ".cfg" file has been opened in Memory Editor. The problem is that, in this situation, the java.exe that is started for the Memory Editor does not get properly closed.

To enable CORE Generator to close properly, first close the java.exe process using End Process in the Task Manager. If Project Navigator has stopped responding due to an attempted exit, the _pn process must also be closed through Task Manager.
AR# 23258
日期 03/13/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章