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AR# 2331

M1 NGDBUILD: ERROR:basts:68 - NET...which has a NET OFFSET...not pad-related...


Keywords: ngdbuild, net offset, basts, synopsys

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
ERROR:basts:68 - NET "'Addr<4>", which has a NET OFFSET "Addr<4> OUT : 7000.000000 pS : BEFORE : Clock", is not
a pad-related net (i.e., it is not driven by a pad).



This is a common problem when a file with the wrong extention
is given to NGDBUILD. It is very easy in Synopsys to say
that the write command can write EDIF or XNF and use an
extention of .edif or .xnf, respectively. NGDBUILD expects
to see files from Synopsys as .sedif or .sxnf. To do this,
the write command in the Synopsys compile script needs to be
modified to look like the following:

EDIF: write -format edif -hierarchy -output TOP + ".sedif"
XNF: write -format xnf -hierarchy -output TOP + ".sxnf"

This error can happen whenenver the wrong extension is used
on a file; ngdbuild traslates files to .ngo/.ngd files based
on the file extension. When writing out files from
a EDA tool, make sure that the appropriate file extension is used,
so ngdbuild will correctly translate the file to a .ngo/.ngd


This error may also occur if the clock net or the data net used
in the offset constraint is not directly attached to a pad.
Make sure that the data net and the clock net referenced is the
net directly attached to the pad.
AR# 2331
日期 03/29/2000
状态 Archive
Type ??????