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AR# 23336

ChipScope IBERT 8.1.03i - Can I target a V4FX CES4 device?


Does ChipScope IBERT 8.1.03i support CES4 devices? If not, how can I target them?


ChipScope IBERT 8.1.03i supports only V4 FX CES2/CES3 devices. CES4 devices will be supported in ChipScope IBERT 8.2i. To target a CES4 device, you must have ChipScope 8.1.03i and ISE 8.1.03i installed, and follow these instructions:

1. Run the ChipScope Pro Core Generator as normal, and set up your IBERT design.

2. Once you push the Generate Design button, wait until you see "Synthesizing Core (Step 1 of 6)" and press the cancel button. Click "Yes" to confirm the cancellation.

3. Quit the Core Generator.

4. Assuming you created a bit file named "ibert.bit," go into the ibert_temp subdirectory in the project directory and edit ibert.ucf.

5. Add 'CONFIG STEPPING = "SCD1";' to an empty line in the file.

6. Search for RXCMADJ and change the value from 10 to 01.

7. Save the UCF file and exit the editor.

8. Download ibert_run.zip and unzip to your project directory. There is an ibert_run.bat for windows, and an ibert_run.sh for Linux.

9. Run the batch file or sh file with one argument, the name of your ibert design. In Step 1, if you created a file named "my_first_ibert.bit," run the batch file as follows:

ibert_run.bat my_first_ibert

Or, if using Linux, use the following:

source ibert_run.sh my_first_ibert

10. The ISE implementation tools are run: XST, NGDBuild, MAP, PAR, and BitGen. The bit file created in the project directory will work for CES4.

NOTE: If you run steps 1-2 again, you must also run steps 3-10 again as well, because the UCF file will be overwritten.

Ibert_run.zip is located at:


NOTE: The Windows batch file contains the UNIX command "cp". If you do not have EDK or Cygwin installed, you must change "cp" to "copy".

AR# 23336
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章