"> AR# 23353: 11.1 EDK - "ERROR:NgdBuild:927 - Failed to process BMM file edkBmmFile.bmm"


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AR# 23353

11.1 EDK - "ERROR:NgdBuild:927 - Failed to process BMM file edkBmmFile.bmm"


My ISE/EDK project contains a MicroBlaze processorsubmodule.When I runNGDBuild from Project Navigator, the following error occurs:
"Processing BMM file ...
ERROR:NgdBuild:927 - Failed to process BMM file edkBmmFile.bmm"
This issue was not resolved with (Xilinx Answer 21458) and (Xilinx Answer 22205).


Resolution 1
To resolve this issue, change the XST hierarchy separator from an underscore "_" to a forward slash "/" as follows:
  1. Right-click on the Synthesize - XST process and select Properties.
  2. Select Synthesis Options.
  3. In the lower right corner, set the Property Display Level to Advanced.
  4. Change the Hierarchy Separator from "_" to "/".

Resolution 2
If the "system.xmp" file is instantiated in a VHDL generate statement, the path in the BMM file will be incorrect. Following is an example of an incorrect BMM path:
<top_level>/<system_instance_name>/ppc_core/bram1/bram1/ramb16_0 [31:30] ;
The correct path in the BMM file is as follows:
<top_level>/<generate_label>.<system_instance_name>/ppc_core/bram1/bram1/ramb16_0 [31:30] ;
To prevent the ISE toolsfrom over-writing the modifications that you made in the file, mark the file as "read only".
AR# 23353
日期 05/12/2012
状态 Active
Type 错误信息
  • EDK - 11.1