AR# 2340


Hardware Debugger M1: No popup-menu for the console window.


Keyword: hardware, debugger, pop-up, menu, console

Urgency: standard

General Description:
The online documentation says that there is a pop up menu for the console
window when you select console under view in hardware debugger, but when
you select console, there is no such pop-up menu.


In order to bring up the pop-up menu, you need to right click inside the
console window. There are two commands inside the pop-up menu "copy
commands" and "run commands". The commands might not be highlighted. you
need to select at least one command in the console window, right click the
mouse botton, the commands will be hightlighted then.
AR# 2340
日期 11/10/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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