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AR# 23415

8.1i ISE - Project Navigator stores absolute path instead of relative path for sources; moving project causes sources not to be found


Keywords: absolute, path, relative, location, unc, network, sharing, transfer, toggle, remote, design unit

Q1 - It seems that Project Navigator only stores project source file locations with an absolute path.
Q2 - In 7.1i, the toggle path option could be used to switch from absolute to relative path designation. In ISE 8.1i, the toggle path option does not seem to have an effect on how the source is stored in the project file.
Q3 - Users are not able to move or copy projects to a new location or send to another user if all source files do not reside in the ISE project directory. (Remote source files are not found by Project Navigator.)
Q4 - Projects created on a UNIX platform cannot be opened on a Windows platform and visa-versa.


There were several issues related to project source location and moving projects from the original location that existed in the ISE 8.1i design tools.

In 7.1i, the toggle paths option could be used to change stored location of a source from Relative to Absolute and back. This functionality was intended only to be a visual representation of the source location but actually changed the ".ise" UNIX file. In 8.1i, the Toggle Paths option was changed back to its original intended functionality and affected only the visual display of the paths. However, this exposed missing functionality in Project Navigator's ability to resolve paths when a project directory changed locations.

The known issues with the handling of remote sources have been resolved in either ISE 8.1.03i or ISE 8.2i.

The correct behavior that should exist for Project Navigator source files is as follows.

1. The path is always stored as an Absolute path.
2. If the project is opened in a new location, then:
a. If the source is in the project directory or a subdirectory of the project directory, the relative path is used.
b. If the source is in a directory that is not the project directory or a subdirectory of the project directory, then:
i. If the source exists in same relative location compared to the project directory, then that source is used.
ii. Else If the source exists in the original absolute path location, that source is used.

The behavior defined in 2b above is incorrect in ISE 8.1.03i, and Project Navigator actually looks in the Absolute path location first. In 8.2i and later, the search order is correct.
AR# 23415
日期 03/04/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章