AR# 2367


M1.3 MAP: MAP DRC does not check the validity of RLOC and LOC location constraints on fast carry logic


Keywords: MAP, PAR, Fast Carry Logic, DRC, direction, loc, rloc

Urgency: Standard

Reference: 12929

General Description:
The M1 Mapper does not check the validity of RLOC and LOC
constraints attached to a fast carry logic chain, nor
does it check that the directionality of a carry chain
is valid for the given architecture. (4000E carry chains
can be bidirectional, whereas 4000EX carry chains are
unidirectional only.


These checks are done further down in the design flow at
the beginning of the place and route stage by PAR, so
invalid carry logic location constraints evnetually do get
flagged by the tools.
AR# 2367
日期 04/05/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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