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AR# 23745

8.2i iMPACT - Virtex-5 Multi-Boot wizard should not allow user to add non Virtex-5 device at the start of the chain


When using 8.2i iMPACT to generate a PROM file for a Virtex-5 Multi-Boot PROM for the XCF00P device, the wizard will allow the selection of a device other than the Virtex-5 to be first in the chain.  


The software will also allow for more than one non Virtex-5 device to be added to the chain of devices. 


These are problems because earlier devices will not support the functionality in hardware although the software will allow files to be generated for this device setup.


In a chain in which the Virtex-5 is to be used with Multi-Boot capabilities, the Virtex-5 must be first in the chain.  


Also, there can only be one non Virtex-5 device at the end of the chain in these applications. 


These rules are enforced in the 8.2i Service Pack 2 release of the software, but they do not exist in the earlier versions of the software.  


For further information as to the capabilities and features of the Virtex-5 Multi-Boot mode, please reference the Virtex-5 Configuration User Guide: 


AR# 23745
日期 05/20/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章