AR# 2418


M1: MAP->"FATAL_ERROR:baste:bastetspec.c:908:1.64 - No pins of NC_SIGNAL ... NC_BEL


Keywords: TPSYNC, TNM, ucf, constraint

Urgency: standard

General Description:

MAP may give the following for a design that has a
TPSYNC orTNM attached to a loadless signal:

FATAL_ERROR:baste:bastetspec.c:908:1.64 - No pins
of NC_SIGNAL $1I1/myblock/n1614 belong to NC_BEL
$1I1/myblock/n1625 Process will terminate. Please
call Xilinx support.


Look in the .mrp and .bld report to make sure the TPSYNC or TNM
is not attached to a net that is loadless. Be careful when using
wildcards (NET $1I1/mynet* TPSYNC=MYTP1); if the wildcarded
constraint includes dangling nets, you may see this problem.

If this is the problem, refine your constraint so it does not
include any dangling nets.

AR# 2418
日期 04/03/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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