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AR# 24391

9.1i ISE - Project Navigator does not issue a warning when a project using the ISE Simulator (ISIM) is opened on Windows XP64


Keywords: ISE simulator, simulate, model, process, run, available, NT64, ISIM, ModelSim, modelsim

The ISE Simulator (ISIM) is not supported on Windows XP64 platform.

However, if a project created on a different OS, with ISIM as the Simulator, is opened in Project Navigator 9.1i on WinXP64, the project will open without an error or warning. The project Simulator value is automatically set to ModelSim. If the user does not have ModelSim installed, no simulation processes will be available for the project.


In order to simulate, change the Simulator project property to an available simulator. See also (Xilinx Answer 24390).
AR# 24391
日期 04/17/2009
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章