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Hardware Debugger 6.0.1/M1: What points can I probe during in-circuit debugging/readback?


Keywords: debug, probe, readback

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General Description:
Not all points in my netlist are probable when using the Xchecker
cable and Hardware Debugger software. Which points are probable?


The silicon has to have special circuitry are a probe point. These
are the probable points for the following families:

XC4000 family: Flip Flop outputs, IOB outputs, CLB outputs,
Internal Ram points
XC5200 family: Flip Flop outputs, CLB outputs

The Hardware Debugger will list all probable points, except for
internal RAM points. The <design>.ll file created by bitgen -l or
makebits -l will also list the probable points (those lines end with
"Net=<netname>"), except for internal RAM points.

To probe internal RAM points, see the Hardware and Peripherals Guide
10/95, page 3-41 to 3-43.
AR# 2444
日期 11/10/2004
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