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9.1i EDK - Using a Cygwin version earlier than 1.5-17 can cause errors at runtime


Keywords: make, bash, dos2unix, newline, return, character

Which version of Cygwin can I use with EDK?


Cygwin version 1.5-17 has been tested and is the supported version to use with EDK. The make and bash executables with newer versions of Cygwin will cause runtime errors with EDK. Older versions of Cygwin have not been tested with EDK.

To work around the problem, you can do one of the following:

- Use the command xbash -override inside a DOS prompt to use the EDK version of Cygwin if the Cygwin version is older than the EDK installed version of Cygwin. This command needs to be executed only once. To undo what xbash -override has done, run the command xbash -undo.

- If the newer Cygwin must be used, replace the newer "make.exe" and "bash.exe" with the same files from the EDK installation.

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AR# 24746
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