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AR# 24844

LogiCORE RapidIO v3.1 Rev 2 - The buffer can go into a permanent stall state if the current packet is discontinued and there is no lnk_next_fm change


A packet rewind condition (retry or error recovery) in which the lnk_tnext_fm does not need to change, but where there are outstanding packets in the buffer, will cause the transmit buffer to lock-up. This lock-up will prevent transmit traffic from propagating and will eventually back-up the receive buffer if there are outstanding target transactions.  


The symptoms are:  

- lnk_tnext_fm = lnk_tlast_ack + 1  

- TX_RDY_N from the buffer de-asserted  

- LNK_TDST_RDY_N from the PHY asserted, but LNK_TSRC_RDY_N from the buffer de-asserted


In this scenario, the buffer will need to be reset and the data in it will be lost. This is a rare case, however, Xilinx recommends an update to the v4.1 core. 


This issue is fixed in Serial Rapid IO v4.1 Core.

AR# 24844
日期 05/21/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章