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M1 QVHCOM: Could not open library simprim/logiblox/unisim, unknown identifier


Keywords: qvhcom, VHDL, simulation, compile, QuickHDL, simprim, logiblox

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General Description:

QVLCOM may issue the following errors when compiling a VHDL file generated
by NGD2VHDL or LogiBLOX:

-- Loading package standard
-- Loading package std_logic_1164
ERROR: Could not open library simprim at simprim: No such file or directory
ERROR: calc_tim.vhd(7): Library simprim not found.
ERROR: calc_tim.vhd(8): Unknown identifier: simprim
ERROR: calc_tim.vhd(9): Unknown identifier: simprim
ERROR: calc_tim.vhd(10): VHDL Compiler exiting


The problem comes about because the VHDL (VITAL) simprim and/or LogiBLOX
libraries have not been compiled for use with VHDL.

For more information on compiling these libraries, see (Xilinx Solution
AR# 2485
日期 10/06/2008
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