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AR# 2493

ISE - How to use the MYXILINX environment variable to enable software patches


How do I use the MYXILINX environment variable?


The $MYXILINX area allows you to use Xilinx software patches without affecting your original install area.

In a shared environment, this allows individual users to apply any patch they need without affecting other users. 

The $MYXILINX directory structure should match that of the $XILINX area.

Note: If a certain patch is desirable for use by all engineers at a site, the patches can be installed in $XILINX instead.


It is important to use patches only with the software for which they were built. 

For example, if you have a patch in the $MYXILINX area that was built for 9.1.03i, you must not use this patch with the 9.2i version of ISE. 

Patches that are built for a certain build of software are included in the next full release of the software.


When the ISE software loads a data file (for example, a speed file), it first checks to see if the required file exists in the $MYXILINX area.

If so, it uses it and prints a message notifying the user that a $MYXILINX data file is overriding a $XILINX data file. 

If not, it uses the original data file within the $XILINX tree.


Executables are found using the %PATH% variable on all platforms.

On Unix, shared libraries are found using the $LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable. On Windows, shared libraries are found using the %PATH% variable.

It is important that the $MYXILINX path appear first in both the $PATH and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables so that both patched executables and their corresponding patched shared libraries are used. 

Errors can occur when there is a mismatch between an executable and shared library.


The following is an example of how to change from a standard environment to an environment that accesses a patch using the $MYXILINX variable on Linux:

setenv MYXILINX /home/user/patches/9.1.03i_map
setenv PATH $MYXILINX/bin/lin:$PATH


On Windows, the appropriate commands would be:

set MYXILINX=C:\patches\9.1.03i_map
set PATH=%MYXILINX%/bin/nt;%PATH%

These examples assume that the $XILINX variable has been defined and is used in the existing $PATH and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable assignments.



Answer Number 问答标题 问题版本 已解决问题的版本
54206 PlanAhead - MYXILINX enviroment variable is not loaded by the PlanAhead tool N/A N/A


Answer Number 问答标题 问题版本 已解决问题的版本
54206 PlanAhead - MYXILINX enviroment variable is not loaded by the PlanAhead tool N/A N/A
AR# 2493
日期 01/15/2015
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