AR# 2494


M1: Debugging problems while using Install Shield


keywords: install, temp directory, M1

Urgency: Standard

General Description: Since Install Shield is becoming the industry standard
(used for installing M1, Foundation, Workview Office and Service Packs),
here is a list of trouble-shooting advice for occurences of:

1. Install shield loaded and just went away and didn't install anything.

2. Long Install times

3. During load of install shield, got a "can't find xxx.dll" error.


One possibility is to clean the system temp directory. There may be leftover
files causing some conflict with the intermediate install files.

1. Exit Windows. It's recommended exiting windows, since Windows opens
temporary files in the temp directory during operation and deleting these
files may have adverse affects on your system.

2. Locate your temporary directory
C:> echo %TEMP%
The temp directory is located (usually temp=c:\windows\temp or c:\temp)

3. cd to the directory and use
C:\temp> deltree /y *.*
to empty everything in the temp directory. Do not delete the directory.
AR# 2494
日期 04/10/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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