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Spartan-3A Starter Kit - Out of Box demo settings and DDR2 Performance Correction


This Answer Record describes product information for the Spartan-3A Starter Kit board that has also been added to the Spartan-3A Starter Kit User Guide.

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A) Jumper Setting for Out-of-the-Box Demo

Xilinx has identified that some of the initial shipments of the Spartan-3A Starter Kit contained a development board with the possibility of incorrect jumper settings (as shipped).

Although these development boards are "good" boards, they will not run the out-of-the-box preloaded sample that is indicated in the manual. If the jumpers are set to the correct settings, this program will run when the board is reset. See the above image for the correct jumper settings as marked in BLUE.

B) DDR2 Performance Correction

Xilinx has identified two component changes that improve the performance of the DDR2 SDRAM device. If you are using the DDR2 SDRAM device and experience suboptimal performance, short out components FB4 and FB5. These are both located near the index pin on the DDR2 SDRAM device. In order to short these devices out, they should be physically removed and replaced with zero ohm resistors, or left in place and electrically removed by soldering a wire between the two terminals of each component. We apologize for this inconvenience.

For any further questions, please contact your regional FAE or Xilinx Technical Support at:

For all of the product information for the Spartan-3A Starter Kit, please see the Starter Kit home page at:

AR# 25066
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