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AR# 266

XMAKE 5.0 fails to find user defined subhierarchy due to filename periods



This message also has been seen when a user exceeds the eight character dos limitation with the xact 5.2.1/6.0.1 tools

Change the symbol/schematic to a name that does not exceed 8 characters.


XMAKE may generate output similar to the following when run
on a design that contains nelists with names containing more
than one period:

XMAKE Version 5.0.0
Copyright (c) 1989-1994 Xilinx Inc. All rights reserved

XMAKE: Generating makefile 'design.mak'...
XMAKE: Profile used is '/usr/xilins/designdir/xdm.pro'.
XMAKE: Set the part type to '4002APC84-5' from 'design.xnf'.
XMAKE: Running with the following XMAKE options:
XMAKE: ERROR: Failed to find user defined subhierarchy 'block.a' in
>>> 'block.a' must be user defined, since it is not a primitive, a
Xilinx macro or an XBLOX symbol. Correct the error before running
XMAKE again.

XMAKE does not correctly handle file names that contain more than one
period (it cannot seem to find them). Such file names are often generated
by synthesis tools, such as Mentor Graphics' Autologic tool. There are
three possible workarounds for this problem:

* For each symbol or schematic that contains a period in its name, rename
it so that there are no periods.

* Edit the each of the .xnf files adding the .xnf extension to the TYPE
field. The TYPE field is the third comma-separated field in a line that
begins with SYM, in the .xnf file. An example of this follows:

line from .xnf PRIOR to editing:


line from .xnf AFTER editing:


* A script exists called fixsyms. It can be run on a design and will fix
the TYPE symbol references. It is accompanied by two awk scripts,
getbsyms.awk and getsyms.awk.

To run fixsyms on a design, first translate the design to .xnf and with
the fixsyms script and the two awk scripts in the working directory

fixsyms design.xnf

fixsyms will traverse the design, pushing into each of the .xnf files
used in the design and will add the .xnf extension to the TYPE field.
fixsyms is a c-shell script for the workstation.

AR# 266
日期 05/13/1997
状态 Archive
Type ??????