AR# 2700


1.5i MAP ERROR:basnu - logical block "core/data" of type "INC_DEC_TWO_COMP_6" is unexpanded.


Keywords: NGDBUILD, MAP, unexpanded, synopsys, edif

Urgency: HOT

Problem Description:
A design compiled with Design Compiler may get a warning
about an unexpanded block from ngdbuild, followed by
an error from map on the same unexpanded block. This
unexpanded block may be DesignWare component that
does exist in the xdw_xcXXXX.sldb file, like an



Resolution 1:
Add following synthesis attributes into .synopsys_dc.setup file.
Or use Xilinx template for .synopsyy_dc.setup at
Refer to Synopsys IVIEW on-line docuementation for more
information on the following attributes.

edifout_netlist_only = true
edifout_no_array = true


Your .synopsys_dc.setup file may be missing some of the
required EDIF writer settings. Use the template.synopsys_dc.setup_dc
file as a reference for your .synopsys_dc.setup file.

The template.synopsys_dc.setup_dc can be found in
AR# 2700
日期 03/27/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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