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How to find the amount of on-chip resources used by M1 Implementation software


Where can I find information about how many and what kind of resources (for example, flip-flops, CLBs, tri-state buffers) are used by

my design.


The Design Summary section of the MAP report lists information about resource utilization. The Design Summary is at the bottom of the map report file.

Command Line:

The map report is created by map. It is labelled:

<design>.mrp <design> = output file name from mapper

Graphical Interface:

The MAP report can be viewed by opening the report browser and

double-clicking the Map Report. To open the report browser,

select the Utilities->Report Browser from the Design Manager


Below is a sample Design Summary:

Section: Design Summary


Number of warnings: 5

Number of errors: 0

Number of CLBs: 1185 out of 1296

Flops/latches: 2031

4 input LUTs: 1833

3 input LUTs: 1100

Number of bonded IOBs: 243 out of 256

Number of BUFGLSs: 4 out of 8

AR# 2710
日期 05/08/2014
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