AR# 2711


XC4000XL: he pin C8 of xc4044XL BG352 can't be mapped by m1.3.7,


Keywords: 4044, 4044XL, C8, map, M1.3.7

Urgency: Standard

Problem description
On the data book, Pin C8 of the xc4044XL BG356 is listed as an I/O pad, but you can't assign any I/O signal to this pin, because m1.3.7 will not map I/O signals to this site. C8 doesn't even exist in epic.


This is the extra pin we added to the 4044XL BG352 that wasn't there originally. The pin is very real. It wasn't in the older version of epic. C8 has been added in m1.4.4. The pin is bonded and we are testing the functionality like all the
other pins.
AR# 2711
日期 01/12/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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